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South Australian Motor Vehicle Registration 1906 - 1927
Family History - Index Overview

Have you ever wondered what type of car your ancestor drove if they were lucky enough to own one? Over many years Mr George Brooks, a Motoring Historian worked to collate South Australian Registrations along with vehicle details. He donated theses records to the National Motor Museum.  We are currently working with the National Motor Museum to transcribe this research from hand typed paper pages to electronic format. This project will ensure that George’s hard work will be available to a wider audience and give family historians a glimpse into their family motoring history .

The records cover a period of 21 years from 1906 when motor vehicle registration commenced in South Australia. The data contained in this database consists of Car registration number, Registered Owners Name(s), Address (suburb/Town) and in many instances the vehicle model.

Search South Australian Registration records here and discover your family history.

Australian National Motor Museum

Tasmania Post Office Directory 1945 - 1946
Family History - Index Overview

Wise's Tasmania Post Office Directory 1945 - 1946

This directory contains a wealth of information for any genealogy and family tree researcher. The listings in the different directories include street names and numbers , householder names, occupations and traders.

Search the 1945 - 1946 Tasmanian Post Office Directory

The details of each section in the directory are as follows:

Hobart Directory: Hobart directory which includes the suburbs of Battery Point, Cascades, Derwent Park, Glebe, Lower Sandy Bay, Lutana, Moonah, Mount Stuart, Nelson, New Town, Queensbro and Sandy Bay. Following the Hobart section are Bellerive, Glenorchy, Lindisfarne, Lenah Valley, Montgu Bay, Ridgeway, Risdon and Risdon West.

Automobile Club of South Australia – Where any of your ancestors members?
Family History - Index Overview

The Automobile and Motor Cycling Club of South Australia first met in 1903, but by 1904 had amended its name by the deletion of the words 'Motor Cycling'. In 1911 the club was reconstituted as an Association, and in 1928 received its Royal patronage. However, it was not until 1959 that the association changed its logo from AA of SA to RAA.

Currently we have a list of membership records for the years 1910 and 1912, available to be searched by genealogy researches and those tracing their family trees. This list has been transcribed from 'The Tourists Road Guide' which was published by W.K Thomas.

Use this searchable index to discover more about your family history and family tree.

Search the Auto Club index for your ancestors


Sands and McDougall’s South Australian Directory For 1885
Family History - Index Overview
Sands and McDougall - 1885 - South Australia

We are currently in the process of creating a searchable index of entries from Sands & McDougall’s South Australian Directory for 1885 which incorporates Boothby’s South Australian Directory. The alphabetical section of the directory has been transcribed and allows you to search over 40,000 unique records online.    

Search Sands and McDougall's SA Directory here.

Original Publication Details
Sands & McDougall’s South Australian Directory For 1885,
With which is incorporated Boothby’s South Australian Directory.
Twenty-Second year of publication.
Containing Street, Alphabetical, and Mercantile Directory,
Together with Government and Official, Ecclesiastical, Legal, Municipal, and Miscellaneous Information.
Printed and Published by Sands & McDougall, 54 King William St. 1885


The complete alphabetical section of the directory is now available.

South Australia British Farm Apprentices 1913 - 1914
Family History - Index Overview

A searchable index of British youths aged 15 to 19 who arrived in South Australia to participate in the State Government's farm apprentice scheme during 1913 and 1914. This index includes names, DOB or ages, place of origin, parents or guardians names and their host farmers / farms. Below are details of how the scheme worked.

Opportunity for Boys to Become Farmers
The South Australian Government is now offering assisted passages to the State to respectable boys between the ages of 15 years and 19 years who are physically capable of and wish to take up farm Work with a view to eventually becoming farmers.

Opportunity for Boys to Become Farmers


Passage Money
The amount that must be paid by each boy selected for migration to South Australia is TEN Pounds. This amount will, in addition to cost of passage, cover expenses incurred by the State on the boy's behalf before leaving England and during the voyage, and after his arrival in the State until he reaches his destination.

The boys will be apprenticed to farmers for not less than one year, nor more than three years under agreement


The index can be found here

South Australia British Farm Apprentices 1913 - 1914


New South Wales Post Office Directory 1832
Family History - Index Overview
1832 New South Wales General Post Office Directory

This Directory was compiled by James Raymond, Postmaster of New South Wales 1829 to 1835 and Postmaster General from 1835 to 1851, with assistance from various government departments, and primarily as a reference work for use in his own department. It was the first such publication to include a directory of householders.

Search the 1832 New South Wales General Post Office Directory.

Publication Details
The New South Wales Calendar
General Post Office Directory,
Sydney; Printed for the proprietors
by Stephen and Stokes, King Street 1832

Our searchable index contains nearly 2,500 names from the General Post Office Directory section of the publication

1857 Colonial Directory - Victoria, Sydney and New Zealand
Family History - Index Overview

We have created a searchable index based on the colonial directories found in the 1857 publication by an Englishman (Daniel Puseley). This index includes names, businesses and addresses.

The publication was titled The Rise and Progress of Australia, Tasmania and New Zealand in which can be found - A Colonial Directory for 1857. This directory includes; Geelong (Trade Directory) And Melbourne (Leading Merchants, Warehousemen, Agents, etc), In Victoria; Sydney (Leading Merchants, Warehousemen, Agents, etc),In New South Wales;
Auckland (Street Directory), Nelson, Wellington, And Canterbury, In New Zealand

1857 - A Colonial Directory

The indexes can be found via the follwing links

Geelong, Victoria - 1857 Trade Directory
Melbourne - 1857 Colonial Directory
Sydney - 1857 Colonial Directory

New Zealand - COMMING SOON
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