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1857 Colonial Directory - Victoria, Sydney and New Zealand
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1857 Colonial Directory - Victoria, Sydney and New Zealand
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We have created a searchable index based on the colonial directories found in the 1857 publication by an Englishman (Daniel Puseley). This index includes names, businesses and addresses.

The publication was titled The Rise and Progress of Australia, Tasmania and New Zealand in which can be found - A Colonial Directory for 1857. This directory includes; Geelong (Trade Directory) And Melbourne (Leading Merchants, Warehousemen, Agents, etc), In Victoria; Sydney (Leading Merchants, Warehousemen, Agents, etc),In New South Wales;
Auckland (Street Directory), Nelson, Wellington, And Canterbury, In New Zealand

1857 - A Colonial Directory

The indexes can be found via the follwing links

Geelong, Victoria - 1857 Trade Directory
Melbourne - 1857 Colonial Directory
Sydney - 1857 Colonial Directory

New Zealand - COMMING SOON
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