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Links in South Australia Dead Search (South Australia) This site contains index lists of a some cemeteries in South Australia (There are a few interstate cemeteries as well). Each of the names in the indexes has an accompanying photo, unless otherwise stated. Family History South Australia (South Australia) Genealogy and family history information about South Australians and their ancestors at home and abroad. Includes pioneer shipping, passenger list, marriage and cemetery databases. Fleurieu Peninsula Family History Group (South Australia) Fleurieu Peninsula Family History Group is a South Australian group of family history researchers, whose members are presently conducting research into their respective families world wide.
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The searchable indexes on this family history site are provided as free resource to family history / family tree researches.
The aim of this site is to encourage the research of genealogy, family history and family trees. Family history and genealogy encompasses the lives and ancestry of individuals and families.
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