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Howell's Directory for the City and Port of Adelaide and South Australian Almanac - 1858
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 Howells 1858 South Australian Directory

In 1858 John Howell compiled Howell's Directory for the City and Port of Adelaide and South Australian Almanac. This Directory and Almanac is a useful resource for family historians and researches with an interest in the city of Adelaide and Port Adelaide areas.

The directory is divided into multiple sections which include a directory for North & South Adelaide, Directory for Port Adelaide, an almanac for 1858, Official directory of Government and Government departments, Courts, Markets and other information. The last section of Howell’s directory contains many interesting advertisements.

We have published two searchable lists that cover the directories for ‘North & South Adelaide’ and Port Adelaide from this publication. The listings include householder names, together with their occupations and addresses.

For those researching family trees this directory can be a great source of information.

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