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New South Wales Post Office Directory 1832
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New South Wales Post Office Directory 1832
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1832 New South Wales General Post Office Directory

This Directory was compiled by James Raymond, Postmaster of New South Wales 1829 to 1835 and Postmaster General from 1835 to 1851, with assistance from various government departments, and primarily as a reference work for use in his own department. It was the first such publication to include a directory of householders.

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Publication Details
The New South Wales Calendar
General Post Office Directory,
Sydney; Printed for the proprietors
by Stephen and Stokes, King Street 1832

Our searchable index contains nearly 2,500 names from the General Post Office Directory section of the publication

In this directory the enteries typically contain
- Surname,
- Given Names or initials,
- Occupation,
- Location

It should also be noted that we have transcribed the index “as is” meaning that we have not corrected any spelling errors or abbreviations (the publishers have regularly abbreviated given names, occupations and locations.

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