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Sands and McDougalls South Australian Directory 1885

The following search will list entries from that alphabetical directory in Sands & McDougall’s South Australian Directory for 1885 (which incorporates Boothby’s South Australian Directory). In total the alphabetical section in this directory is 346 pages long and contains well over 40,000 entries. The entries are typically in the format of  Surname, Given Names (Initials), Occupation and then Location. It should also be noted that we have transcribed the index “as is” meaning that we have not corrected any spelling errors or abbreviations (the publishers have regularly abbreviated given names, occupations and locations. It should also be noted that these abbreviations are not consistent (eg. For example Kangaroo Island has at a minimum the following abbreviations: K.I, Kang Isd, Kang I, Kangaroo I, Kangr I. )

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Search Hint:

For common names (eg James, which can be both a given name and a surname) we would suggest using the “Starts with” search option. This will limit the search results to only those entries that start with the search criteria entered). For example if “James” was entered and  “Starts with” search option selected then records such as “James Peter ..” would be displayed while records such as “Koch James ...” would not be displayed.

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